whats with all the different ways of spelling andalusian dogs

dont know about you but i think rogue waves
correcting black francis’ pronunciation of oon
shayn! to un sheee ung was a bit pedantic did
they do it to educate die-hard fans of the o.c.

didnt they think most of them wouldve gone
to harvard anyway and learn the right ways
of the world right off the bat even if they had
stopped playing creekit in cambridge in the 18th c.

or thereabouts or thereabouts dont know
about you but i think this whole biz about
getting things rite absolutely is a bit bourgeoise
think of leibniz and the optimists didnt they suffer

dont know about you but ill plant lilies in my japanese
rock garden and pray for lotuses that way
when im sad i can go for a walk around my private
botanical gardens and youll be there. with yr boots on

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