(Your) Cheatin’ Heart

There’s a hole in my Stetson hat My pocket’s got a hole in it Thru which I travel to a cult comics store on Rue Mouffetard In the 6eme arrondisement of my grief Yodel away Hank I won’t recall your jumbo jet From the morning skies of another man’s grief Your silk-screened shoes are toContinue reading “(Your) Cheatin’ Heart”

les arts interrogatifs

giggling from too little non-EU christiania hasish i missed my mark you as i javelined leftover smørrebrød into a green rubbish bin leaned a perfect something degree for the greater comfort of cyclists wrapped in aurora contentment. stockholm was cold but you were colder the picture of health (first world) i heard you accidentally tookContinue reading “les arts interrogatifs”

‘Tis clear thou art a loon

The aim of yer chosen passage Of charming masks and bergamots The joy of Lot and a quasi-dance The sadness of yer fantastic disguise Chant in yer minor mode! Love is vain and life opportunistic! The air, the cross, the magic hour The son & a mêlée on the moon The calm air on theContinue reading “‘Tis clear thou art a loon”

Man In His Off Hours

“please do not unwrap books seek assistance from our staff” the staff thin waifish girls in unstable pumps tapi ingat ini terjadi 33 menit kemudian. sebelum itu setelah mendengar kondektur mendongeng tentang sore: grogol kosong! seorang pengamen berpunggung tembok art nouveau bandung circa nineteenthirtyfour seorang gadis berlengan naga dan daun-daun hijau bertopi nelayan bersuara kawakanContinue reading “Man In His Off Hours”