force quit

“my friend is moving into this place” “i like this place!” (steering car) “i don’t” “it’s just so grey.” “don’t you like the baseball diamond?” “the corners are missing. wabi-sabi.” (stopping car) “i like it i guess.” “you…” (kissing passionately for two minutes. your lips felt hot. our teeth reconnoitred.) “why didn’t you tell me?”Continue reading “force quit”

univ of vip

lolipopsuper: what about a pair of Yuketen’s rugged soles to rub on your shitface? or some Maharatta hooded scarf sewn by vintage technology spun yarn in a way that creates irregularities our days are so full of oxymorons vintage technology spun irregularities crazy conservatives stupid education consistent love buy me jeffrey campbell lita platform bootieContinue reading “univ of vip”