my hosanna, i hear your rosary*

<div style="padding: 10px;
“>expensive him religieusement
with beautiful
shoes of nest birds

you with!

I do not put a Aboverfolger for this
it continues jtapes

your capernaum nicu zarepath dekapolis bethsaida samaria siloam

8 jtapes lino-britten gennesaret hell

8 for him I distinguish number of this without your feather of side of probability with your

8 means I can I write you cause distant cheng YOU

jtapes your bewimpled expensive,
religieusement s schauend form in ka’cn
one perceptible likely person it shapes nevertheless

<span style="font-style: italic;
“>*<a style="font-style: italic;
” href=”″>my poem<span style="font-style: italic;
“> translated into german then the german into dutch then the dutch into french then the french into greek then the greek back to english (the most number of possible permutations provided one begins with english-german), courtesy of <a style="font-style: italic;
” href=””>ψάρια της Βαβέλ

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