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—>learnedly and single-handedly transforming the map
of Anglo-American poetry

Make me popular! is a leitmotif

“Till death do us part.” Total bullshit.

“We’ll be together forever.” Fuck you!

Bungaaaa is in your overextended network

’nuair dh’ēireas mi’s tu gheobh a chiad sgailc*

Write when you feel moved to, in response to some inner necessity,
attempt to force your talent
let it develop at its own pace

‘when I rise up it is thou who wilt get the first slap or blow’**

*We suggest that you try clearing your internet history, cookies, and temporary files, including offline content.

**ta to sinds 4 da scribefiah magik

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One thought on “memulung

  1. ta! back for ya.u know…is it just me or there’s something quite…enticing to see ur own name on someone else’s post? hahahah. so how r you pak? disinyalir ada nada2 sakit hati di post yang terakhir ini?


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