If I want to get out of this country, Sis, it’s
because the air here is stuffed with
dead thoughts.

Nothing’s changed, just
like back then at
the kampung.

People are busy setting up rules
for alley traffics
night patrols and
registrations at the kemantren.

Everyone wants to have his say
on morals, politics, religions
as if they know what they’re talking about.

Hang families who put on dance parties! Down
with la petite bourgeoisie! I’m waiting
for someone to say, ‘Just leave them alone.’

Everyone flirts
with the djamu-woman, laughs
at all her jokes.

And gossips on the street mean so much
more than a quiet samadhi

People are suspicious
of love
and trust.

If I want to get out of the country, Sis, it’s
because I want to be free and find the real

(Subagio Sastrowardojo, Simphoni, Pustaka Jaya 1971, pp. 35-36)

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