your face white outside my window behind my back since dawn it has always been thus the soul footprints in the mud of the heart words echo in infinity of space my hand trembles as I rip a poem out of thin air your eyes my last memory of you burn inside me your faceContinue reading “Sin”

Sodom and Gomorrah

God neck deep in tax files election news profit shares the new neighbour asking for clean water. An all-night ball ribbons everywhere a trumpet screams a pale face, sleepy, I can’t see my ashtray from the smoke did someone knock on the door? You? Yippeee!! Rock-rock-rock. The hour hand points at three. Subagio Sastrowardojo (FromContinue reading “Sodom and Gomorrah”

The Distance Between You & Me

Our father who art in heaven, let’s not move closer, you and I, I’ve lost you on the white horizons. Or is it that the black forest has blinded me. I’m only happy when birds sing on branches and deep in the valley, a Kliwon market hums for me. I know I can only hearContinue reading “The Distance Between You & Me”


If I want to get out of this country, Sis, it’s because the air here is stuffed with dead thoughts. Nothing’s changed, just like back then at the kampung. People are busy setting up rules for alley traffics night patrols and registrations at the kemantren. Everyone wants to have his say on morals, politics, religionsContinue reading “Kampung”