i had a really great pie in toowoomba. nice line for a poem. but i don’t feel like poetry. ingin rasanya meneruskan otobiografiku, broken, part 1. tapi tidak merasa punya tenaga. pagi ini berangkat kantor pukul 6, ke tebet pukul 3, ke permata hijau pukul 4, pulang ke ciledug pukul 6. pantes banyak kata pukul,Continue reading “floater”


i don’t remember what we did between dinner and sleep. sometimes your mum would cook dinner sometimes i did. onion, garlic, courgette, eggplant, bits of what’s left of the meat. spices. sometimes italian most of the times indian. seeing the huge big red kangaroos made me feel there is a god somewhere in this world.Continue reading “redwing”