canto cxviii (i forget the most important things)

#15, jakarta   in medias what res ? ‘i am happiest when i follow how things sound.’ — im startin to get patterns tics repetitions the ferris wheeloff yr mindi get you cherry cherry cola i get you lil raccoon of my hearth in 1876 Rimbaud set sail for Java in August Batavia flayed his boots along MolenvlietContinue reading “canto cxviii (i forget the most important things)”


sementara ia tertidur pada tanggal 11 may 2007 the year of your lord she went to the corner store Keluarga Lestari for a box of pens a copy of the da vinci code on the cashier’s table an english-indonesian dictionary two books in chinese you’re selling the da vinci code too ?         shopkeeperContinue reading “SEJARAH JAKARTA – Kanto II”


and in the year 2009 basi zeke khaseli was a boylien     concocting loops of strawberry fields forever magical mystery tour of kebayoran baru dan sekitarnya his latest solo project         weekly downloads at poet and song-destroyer better than his band or @Leonardoringo while the rest of the cityliens busy twittering their livesContinue reading “SEJARAH JAKARTA – Kanto I”