for violeteye


reeling from 3-in-1 hours, we breezed through lunch, le thé everywhere we felt du jour, curing seeds of love in-between jugs of pilsener, resizing the deconstruction of this city’s dog-shit-dog zeitgeist, kitting ourselves in polyester knits, slightly ripped here and there. we devoured quiches out of boredom, veering close to vexed, droning sleep.

ameliorate the hatred, absolute!, you feel towards this city, o queer seeker of justice! keel over before the didgeridoos blow their arrays of death dirges. picture yourself off-colour, amaze the crowd with your box of tricks.

ears ringing, negotiating fading zebra crosses on wet streets, fixated on neon lights and the moon, we recoiled from PEOPLE, the idée fixe of our generation. june had run out of rain and ridicule, breaking out of its pell-mell usage and abusage by mediocre poets. pétanque is a game that represses more violent vices than boules.

tinkering, bickering, reeling hook, line, sinker, we rejoiced in preening uncut edges of books, tomes of dereliction, destruction, drinking oneself to oblivion. six zits explode on the periphery of the moon, your steeliness unperturbed, o you glorious queen bitch!



*love is a “beautiful outlaw”, an oulipo exercise which is a variation of the lipogram. select a word, say a person’s name, then write something with as many lines as there are letters in the name. the first line should leave out the name’s first letter but use every other letter of the alphabet; the second line, the second letter; and so on. i regurgitated this beautiful outlaw definition from (re)oulipo.

for love, i have replaced lines with stanzas.

the outlaw word in love is Anya aka violeteye, my wife’s name.


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