kinezopeisi, or the panacea of the greeks

kalo nggak panas ya masuk angin

i find it amazing

that in a city of 12 million desperados

i can’t find a single decent trustworthy

air conditioner technician!

perhaps she is right

we all listen to the rumble of chariots

(no it is not in our hearts!)

too attentively

believe me motherfuckers

the soul is a terrible thing to waste

on oxblood horween chromexcel alden indy in the barrie last

what is the point of telling people what you feel

and never tell them what actually happened?

better spend your time googling pictures of girls

you not-so-secretly have crushes on


domo arigato godzilla-san

smash your head on the funk rock

berapa lama kita dikasih waktu di dunia


This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the wrong title

everything will get smaller after this line

before everything eventually dissolves

into the perfect sand between your perfect toes

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