illuminations of ulysses

our family just can’t tolerate success! true, even if everything depends upon a red wheelbarrow. your name is minke, what is mine? you don’t have to be beautiful to turn me on, no, not when dandyism begins at the waistcoat and ends at the spatz. jaleswariiiii! whatcha doin? i met ferdinand de saussure, what i was thinkin i’m not so sure. dude, where’s my car? you’ve got three piston cups! a person is a person no matter how small. you can call it another lonely day for the last of the famous international playboys.

i had a farm in africa. the moon moves across the lake in conniptions. a vast dying sea of boredom. u & i. friday is the cruellest day of the week. make it new! infamous, butcher, angel of death. do you know where you live? probably. kan kuhiasi cintamu dengan kue sus dan coca-cola. tapi dingin telah mempercepat kelam. winter, do come.

there is no castration fear. i see you, standing on booth st. i sucked a lot of cock to get where i am. holy moses, yeah. i’m going through my sock draw, in the raw. crash out on my divan. i’m not fit to smell your shit. charm your way across the khyber pass. disarm the settlers, the new drunk drivers. is it getting heavy? you fuck me, you butterfly.

*putting in quotes in a non-story. idea stolen from Olivia Kristina Sinaga’s writing class. this is her piecemy quotes came from (in order of appearance): rimbaud, nation of ulysses, giant, william carlos williams, bumi manusia, prince, byron via oscar wilde, batas, breakfast at tiffany’s, the magnetic fields, dude, where’s my car?, cars, horton hears a who, fleetwood mac, morrissey, out of africa, lorrie moore, nicolson baker, john updike via nicolson baker, saut situmorang, ezra pound, slayer, john ashbery, chairil anwar, goenawan mohamad, olivia kristina sinaga, pavement, youth group, regurgitator, tumbleweed, lubricated goats, smudge, smudge, vampire weekend, guided by voices, the flaming lips, william t. vollmann.

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