boil two saucepans of water. mix with cold tap water. dip hand in water to see how hot. if yer hand hurts then the indigo dyed selvage canvas will hurt too. ember too small to add more cold water to reduce heat tho so what the hell. hell to the yo. turn vest inside out. dip it in. forgot to get rid of air bubbles. the inside pocket is swelling with air and water. put three big ceramic cups on top to prevent vest from coming up for air. leave for 20 minutes. agitate water. still too hot. leave for 30 minutes. agitate water again. maybe agitate the vest instead? what are ya, agit-prep? still too hot. leave for what… it’s one and a half hour already? agitate some more. take vest out of water. get totally OCD on how to dry properly. hang? gravity might stretch the length. lay it flat? right in the sun might bring back crispiness.* wabi. not quite ready for sabi.

*apparently drying cotton fabric right in the sun is not so good since the hot sun might boil the water still in the fabric and destroy it. (well, not DESTROY, but well excuse meee, for being dramatic!)

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