save me 11-year old towel

you have seen more annual parties than

i shall charge you under the lèse majesté laws

still under consideration

at the house of misrepresentations!

save me o abn-amro

from a life of mutual fun!


the kiss on the lips of dinosaurs

the deideologization of a poet’s blood-red dracula lips

there are newly fangled horns on his

there is no need to finish sentences!

do you love me?

really love me?

you’re like a hotel and @thisiseaston backspin straight 1.0

pure salvage 100% organic pretension

do you get me berangere?

do you seek for a bit of light at the end of the runway?

i mean like do ya?

enough pure saturdays to last me a lifetime

i have disowned the sky!

this is how far

this is how far


something which i cannot remember has taken over my life

degraded it into crumpled tissues in wet wastepaper basket

shit stains are consequences


of pissing on the shoulder of a giant

i’m closing my eyes

and think of the mole above your left nipple

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