not that it matters, but i want to know who did the bad bad georgia brown tattoo on the back of your neck

and the sickly montmarte whore in a top hat on the small of your back

not that it matters, but the bajaj was painted aubergine purple yesterday

and your skirt got stuck on the oversized exhaust pipe of this city

not that it matters, whatever that means

have you ever tried eating oranges laid out like a sushi plate on a girl’s bottom?

not that it matters where i stole the previous line from

not that it matter, nothing matters

not that the old rally 200 still had the old yellow paint under the primer

not that he’s painted over the keyhole on his pre-80s px headset

not that the colours of everything you own will fade with regular spin cycle and a dash of molto

not that

not even that

not even close

you stand at the front of your house

and wait for the pizza hut sign to flicker

you wait forever

you do it

because here, not that it matters

there are always things to do

broken things to fix

and not so many ways anymore to procrastinate

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