found an old mixtape o mine labeled ‘2:30’. think all the songs are under 2 mins 30 secs. order of the day. will try to write down the song list (including names of albums/eps) from memory. no cheatin. wanna know if i had really liked the songs then or if i was even more of an indie poseur than i thought i was.

i’m ready – royal trux (from accelerate (?) pokoknya same album with the song stevie about steven seagal white/red/blue coloured cover)
waterpark – royal trux (from visions of disorder)
cut your hair – pavement (from crooked rain crooked rain)
never – the meanies (from come n see)
puss n boots – new york dolls (from too much too soon)
dumb – silver sun (i was dumb to like this band! my ex gf’s power pop freaks’ bad bad influence hahah blame someone else whydontcha – cant remember the album it was sort of robot-themed i remember one of their lines was ‘you were the alien conduit’ which they then rhymed with ‘do it’ cheapskates)
summer babe – pavement (slanted enchanted original not remixtered version)
mike love not war – smudge (from mike love not war ep)
barbarism begins at home (? – ‘bruises bigger than dinner plates’) – the smiths (from first self-titled album)
lady in the front row – redd kross (cant remember album prolly one of silver sun’s major references in hindsight)
i wanna be sedated – the ramones (from the rhino anthology)
the kkk took my baby away – the ramones (from same anthology)
get me away from here im dying – belle & sebastian (from if you look sinister haha this sounds wrong! what the fuck is it?)
the good in everyone – sloan (fuck if i know what the album is called. the only sloan song i could stand. cant.)
wait – even (ack cant remember album! only album from great mid-90s melbourne band)

tally-ho – the clean (from a compilation but what was it where the hell is the cd?)
sick of myself – matthew sweet (from 100% fun)
winning smile – snout (from the new pop dialogue)
girlfriend in a come – the smiths (from strangeways here we come)
busby berkeley dreams – the magnetic fields (from 69 love songs vol. ? ill take a stab 3)
cemetery gates – the smiths (from the queen is dead)
head in stereo – the john reed club (from death metal ep)
bengali in platforms – morrissey (from viva hate)
flavor – jon spencer blues explosion (from rocketship ep)
heavy metal secret – smudge (from slight return ep)
backslider – jon spencer blues explosion (from extra width)
forgot the title cant believe this this was one of my favorite tearjerkers! but the chorus goes ‘could you be my little movie star? / could you be my long lost girl?’ – matthew sweet (from girlfriend)
personality crisis – new york dolls (from first new york dolls album think it was self-titled)
why bother – weezer (from pinkerton)
new pollution – beck (from odelay!)

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