Jolly Jolly Tropical Boston Tea Party ( A la Maison de Thé à Kebon Kacang depuis 2008 ) : Messrs. Twinings, Lipton, Pickwick, Dilmah étaient AWOLs, the bastards !

here you go clovique, mademoiselle
i’ve laced that cup of darjeeling with two acid tabs
would you like some scones to go with that?
i’ve baked them in the shapes of a heart
broken in three
oven fresh
crushed thyme and jacky’s babies in the bread pudding
savouries in sweets
let’s make the tips of our tongues go
tingly tingly hoppy hop o!
don’t worry, that’s not too much butter
on your cucumber sandwich
just an extra layer of love, monsieur univers noir
to go with the liquid e
in your hot chocolate, care for two balls of melty marshmallows
to dunk in your lake of sorrow?
tante anya, welkom
i know you’ll get blackouts from even a little pot
so i’ve strained you a special brew of hashish
it came with a magic carpet you can take away
on your witches’ getaway, don’t forget to pack a torch
to shine on yourself when danger, a vampire, or really
just a general feeling of helplessness beckons
edophilippa, don’t worry lah, haven’t forgot ya,
just stay in the corner, wait for your gingerbread men
i’ll make one with slits for eyes, tiny ideas of breasts,
and a pretty a-line skirt one can only get in senen
or portobello market, whenever love is in season
danarski, where are ya? ah, there you are
step into the spotlight, that’s where you belong ma’am,
no curtains for you!
oh hang on, don’t be such pigs, not yet,
let’s put our heads down
and pray to the lord above
our father who art in heaven
hallowed be thy name
thy kingdom come thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven
give us this day our daily bread
never starbucks it’s too milky and expensive
nor oh la la it’s undrinkable
excelso’s cappuccino toraja is the best
but i don’t wanna push my luck
we’re pretty happy with what we’ve got now
d’ya hear us o, yoshi(not)mi, my lord of sweetness & light?

(later that afternoon: « tea-master bitch ! vous m‘avez abandonné ! »
tea-master bitch (wiping sleep off his eyes) : « pardonnez-moi, mademoiselle,
le thé et les amitiés sont la chose la plus dure à maîtriser ! »

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