the deal is real

oh yeah it’s real penny

joy you hot lunch you

my girlfriend’s name is

really bunga i know it

sounds like if pronou-

nced in your anglo-sa-

xon toungue like it mi-

ght go well with bamb-

agada the yam farmer

but it is actually pron-

ounced boo-nga with

a soft -ng and it mean-

s a flower in indonesia-

n and yes she’s ba-

tak and she’d be able to

take us to porsea. of co-

urse as everything is in

this country the realness

of this deal will depend on

me being able to cough up

the dough on the big day

or not but i’d like to try. an-

d of course, really, the ma-

in thing is i would really just

like to see you again, banjo p.

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