whose billberry is sweeter ?

article has been saved !
and neither has my sanity
the inability to take calls at work
the inability
to fluctuate wildly !
‘fate of BTSs in the regions under threaten’ [sic] !
eat sic motherfuckers !
i wanna be a child again
and write about a mole in the back of my mind
who drills a hole into my mother hubbard’s soul
who plays guitar with hendrix at the monterrey gas festival
–cack and crack !-handed !
i wanna be a bard again
and paint my bard’s mask the colour of the sun
of fire and bridgestone !
i will tell you the story i stole from a child-poet
of the day when all the adults in the world disappear
and only children are left
to play with abandoned super computers
–the deep blue of those assholes !
to hack into their parents’ facebook accounts
and write patapon patapon patapon pon dung dung dung dung
in their thoughtfully-tagged and calibrated
–the desperate search for attention and respect !
i wanna be a dictionary
with entries for bellycool and nano-blogging
avant-garde twart
a plurk for help
status update mania
i wanna be the thing that contains the world and the world itself
i wanna be the universe
and a grain of macroscopic dust

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