i remember you

the center of the universe on a square patch of grass

it was early summer

the grass was the colour of your hair

blond, bits of dark, natural roots

as if you and god decide which strands of hair and grass

should go ahead and shield the rest from the sun

god, thou lazy hephaestos!

you were sitting on a green bench

regulation issue, parks dept.

with one of the cross-bars on its back missing

you were sitting leaning forward

into the sun

when i saw you

from behind the hedge-bush

trimmed immaculately like always in that city of buddhist order

you were wearing:

peasant dress, black with grey almost invisible vines running through the black

imitation rm williams, black

green cotton socks.

i remember your pale pale chicken legs

the copy of carrie fisher’s surrender the pink you weren’t reading

lying abandoned next to you

i remember you


white as the sun

clouds of freckles on your pudgy face

the sun brought them there

and me to you

i remember myself

standing there

enjoying the view of you

waiting for me

i enjoy the view of anyone waiting for me!

but especially you!

i wished i could peel the bright blue sky

and show you heaven in all its glory:

nothing compared

to the heaven in me


in nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti

esorais m’hos ekdika paskho!

i’m happy

i will not let the grass go green

ever again.

let this moment be

the eternal summer

of my happiness.

in loving memory.

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