The General Theory of Unemployment, No Interest and No Money

the beginning of laissez-faire, or economic possibilities for our grand llamas
mikael johani

miles away in lima
i cocked the tip of my peruvian hat
to a shadow of you
in the corner of a deserted market

the measure of ego: an inquiry into the index numbers of its self-inflation
mikael johani and nicholas agafonoff
@mikael sounds like… you were remembering someone who no longer is… very lonely it feels

@agaforce i was just trying to get her to hire my llama

@mikael i don’t get that. are you just kidding. what’s a llama

@agaforce it’s those half-donkey half-ostrich animals they use as couriers

@mikael i see, so you are selling llamas. the shadow is a potential customer. maybe a tourist from distant seas

@agaforce maybe

@mikael and there is some despair because the marketplace is poor

@agaforce globalization and things

@mikael and the tourist becomes a strange spiritual creature that the locals loathe but have to prostitute themselves and their culture to in order to subsist

@agaforce most kids wear baseball hats now. thrown away their fedoras

@mikael there’s co-creation in post-modernity

@agaforce yep whoring is a lonely life

@mikael i like that you take the position of the llama seller. it evokes a whole other subjective experience that is remarkably detailed and sympathetic. quite political too in a beautiful and precise way

@agaforce selling llamas is a lonely wife

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