im taking the pigs eyes out and ate them

warm milk
served in cold white
glass poured
weak coffee
dripped from two-headed
spout steaming
from its own heat
controlled by hands
trained by Swiss-accredited
hotel academies—
work experiences
spent sticking tiny mirrors
under doors
connecting doors—
watch the reflections
of hurried love-making
hands on the wrong places
tongue missing the tips
of lips
lovers move
in ancient chairs
with detachable backs
as if attachment
to modern love practices
was taboo—
and a man thumbed
familiar numbers
on poly-pixelated screen
and waited for the air
to give in and let
two sets of numbers
i observe
all this talking
and drinking, and moving
and all the observing

One thought on “im taking the pigs eyes out and ate them

  1. while the foreign-trained monks
    kept glancing to your couch
    wondering why the hell this guy
    spent his hard-earned holiday
    in such a dump
    wondering why the sun looked
    feckin beautiful today
    despite the heat, and the ever ironic
    floods, of tears for fears like cheers


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