Oom Slokop Oom Shanti Shanti Oom

One day Oom Slokop
went to an Art Supplies Store

He wanted to get an easel
a birthday present for Bibi Titi Teliti

He went upstairs
and chose a studio chevalet

From a catalogue
that made his head hurt

Lucky the shopkeeper was pretty
She had a hook for an arm.

Oom Slokop was happy
with his choice

It was big

Not too shabby.
He’d make a great hubby.

He carried the easel
disassembled but still showy

Through train stations
crowded beach strips

Cinema queues
a Hamburglar on stilts

At home
he slipped the heavy object

Under the divan
in front of the TV

she will sit on a suprise party!

Oom Slokop sat
on the divan he built with his own hand

A thought went through his head
like a train wreck

That fuckin easel was heavy
is there a nicer boyfriend than me?

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