Birthday letters #3 (The Blue Flannel Suit)

I saw my dead grandmother, naked
xxxlying on her side
xxxxxxwhere the cancer
xxxOld men
wrapped her pale stomach
in white silk.
xxxThey struggled
xxxxxxwith the unexpected heaviness
of her corpse.
xxxShe was three hours dead
xxxxxxand already
I had to say goodbye.
xxxToo young to understand
xxxxxxtoo old to cry.
The only thing
xxxI could do
xxxxxxxwas turn
mildewed Koran tapes
xxxxxxon the silver Toshiba.

One thought on “Birthday letters #3 (The Blue Flannel Suit)

  1. mik… tsk. ur good in writing. kok ga nerbitin buku sih?anyway, was just wondering if u happened to know any percetakan yang oke. +mau sok2 self-publishing+


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