“you don’t have the decency to change the sheets”

“walau kamu / tak semancung / gunung-gunung di belahan bumi pertiwi”

“i know it isn’t real love / that you see in her eyes / ’cause she’s never / met a man she didn’t like”

“i’m tired of living like an eskimo!”

“just before our love got lost, you said / i am as constant as a northern star, and i said / constantly in the darkness? where’s that at?”

“that brutality and the economy are related now I understand”

“enam hari berseragam / rambutku t’lah mereka hancurkan”

“i don’t need to be the king of the world / as long as i’m the hero of this little girl”

“i don’t need to be a superman / as long as you will always be my biggest fan”


“i guess i should’ve known / by the way you park your car sideways / that it wouldn’t last”

“o ibu aku tadi dapat surat / dari seorang pemuda sebelah rumah / kertas kosong hanya terlukis / gambar hati ditusuk panah”

“no one will ever love you honestly / no one will ever love you for your honesty”

“i’m crazy for you but not that crazy”

“home was anywhere with diesel gas / love was a trucker’s hand”

“i feel like hell / you feel like dancing”

“i could dress in black and read camus / smoke clove cigarettes and drink vermouth / like i was 17 / that would be a scream”

“the injuns want their land back / what’s for trade? a teepee? / i’ll bet your wampum your hairstyle is out”

“it’s irrelevant / i’m an elephant / she’s a mouse”

“i feel the pain of everyone / then i feel nothing”

“we’re not gonna take it, no!, we ain’t gonna take it!”

“sebelum fatahillah / ada baiknya berputar arah”

“aku / cinta / J.A.K. / A.R.T.A!”

“pass the word / the chicks are back”

“jadikan aku yang kedua / buatlah diriku bahagya”

“he hasn’t dropped them / forgot them / or anything / it’s just too heavy / for superman / to lift”

“my fist / your face”

who? what about you? etc.

3 thoughts on “LINNER KILES

  1. turn me back into the pet that i was when we met.. I was happier then with no mind-set

    kebebasan yg diingini / adalah tidak menggunakan papan nomor di dada

    where do we go? / what will we do? / soon, said i, we'll know

    i am done with perfection


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