7 up series – bbc doco visiting a bunch of people from different background/class every seven years since they were seven. udah sampai 49 up.

400 blows – if you copy balzac, do you copy balzac?

a clockwork orange – the milk bar is the model (dicontek kaleee) for blur’s the universal video.

an american in paris – 1951 musical.

antichrist – lars von trier fucking up charlotte gainsbourg’s acting resolve.

bande a part – godard.

breaker morant – ye olde australia

brain candy – setengki to make you happy. from canadian kids in the hall comedy troupe.

braindead – peter jackson before he was PETER JACKSON.

bram stoker’s dracula – the original.

brief encounter – noel coward. the story is sort of the model for wong kar wai’s in the mood for love.

bringing up baby – classic screwball comedy. katharine hepburn et cary grant.

buffalo 66 – you are not hipster enough to watch this movie.

cannibal! the musical – wahahahahahaha!

casque d’or – old french movie about les apaches, basically preman blok m-nya paris.

celebrity – woody allen mocking celebrities. great leo dicaprio cameo (as himself?)

chapter – why did he kill john lennon?

charlie chan in paris – hollywood classic. hayaaa. charlie chan. in paris.

chopper – eric bana’s breakthru, this is what got him to hollywood

coco chanel & igor stravinsky – biopic (d’oh). en français.

the company of wolves – angela carter’s interpretation of little red riding hood. neil jordan fucked up the ending.

david lynch – dirapel aja mah yg ini. ive got blue velvet, naked lunch, videodrome, mulholland drive. if you like joko anwar …

delicatessen – french comedie noir.

discreet charm of the bourgeoisie – not so discreet. très bourgeois!

dogs in space – aussie punks fuck off!

eat drink man woman – ang lee’s auditioning for hollywood romcom.

fahrenheit 451 – a future where there is no book.

flirting – young nicole kidman. flirting.

the gate of heavenly peace – doco on the tiananmen square massacre.

global metal – metal nerd travels around the world to meet other metal nerds. simplistic and condescending.

hedwig and the angry inch – the best movie ever. john cameron mitchell is my hero.

helvetica – die arial!

henry and june – anais nin biopic. with lesbian scenes.

hiroshima mon amour – nothing like the goenawan mohamad poem of the same title.

the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy – the hipster’s guide to respectability.

howl – allen ginsberg biopic.

ice storm – ang lee does american suburbia.

il gattopardo (the leopard) – classic italian movie. sort of like the italian gone with the wind.

it happened one night – classic hollywood romcom.

jules et jim – romeo et juliet. saijah et adinda. romi et yuli.

leak (mystics in bali) – superb dvd version of classic indo splatter gore. transferred and restored from original reels. thanks mondo macabro!

machete – action b-movie parody. fail. jessica alba is fuckin hot tho.

madam butterfly – david cronenberg version.

marty – ernest borgnine as a vorgin nerd. will she go for the mousy girl whos obviously more suited to him, or the belle whos gonna reject him anyway?

metal: a headbanger’s journey – precursor to global metal. too nerdy.

mifune’s last song – great dogme movie. incest. retarded kid. dead grandfather. what the fuck is up with the scandos?

mishima – yukio mishima biopic. includes mock-staging of his books.

muriel’s wedding – aussie booners. abba-obsession. rachel griffiths’s and toni collette’s breakthrus.

my brilliant career – brilliantly boring movie about early 20th century aussie woman writer.

my fair lady – if only the original pygmalion had audrey hepburn. babe.

nashville – old robert altman. about nashville.

once were warriors – jake the muss!

opera jawa – its trying to say too much. but mostly the right things.

priscilla queen of the desert – queer road movie. a non-rocking hedwig. hugo weaving’s breakthru.

revolutionary road – if you think youve led a totally mediocre run of the mill life then you should run to the hills instead stay there and never watch this movie!

the rocky horror picture show – the original version of glee’s version. with actual transexual.

rushmore – jason schwartzman before he was an ordinary indie drummer. hipster soundtrack.

shortbus – john cameron mitchell’s social experiment. filmed. hipster soundtrack.

some kind of monster – the fuckin best rockumentary. lars ulrich is a fuckin bastard.

sunset boulevard – penulis skenario fail sama bintang film tua fail. tragis cyin.

tampopo – the search for the perfect ramen.

team america: world police – still has the scat scene!

weerasethakul apichatpong – new cannes darling. ive got blissfully yours, tropical malady and syndromes and a century.

what becomes of the broken hearted – sequel of once were warriors. jake the muss! still ragin!

the wild one – great jeans great perfecto jackets!

the wind that shakes the barley – another harrowing ken loach movie the only respite being cillian murphy’s blue-green eyes. heartbreaker!

wonder boys – adaptation of michael chabon’s novel. the only thing where katie holmes actually looks hot! red fuck-me come thither cowboy boots!

*semua tersedia utk ditransfer dari external hard disk saya. silakan daftar untuk kopdar. 😛

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