indonesian chicken ay

clean spring onions

remove dirt

more dirt the better

the fresher

the stalks will be slimy

remove skin that looks dead

worry not about the slime

take the chicken out of the fridge

flesh will be cold

chicken grosses me out

put on a plate

sprinkle with one teaspoon salt one teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

which you should have ground before you get your hands all dirty

with approximation of toil

rub the salt and pepper all over the chicken

chicken wings pieces are the best

you should also have chopped the spring onions and cloves of garlic

how many cloves depend on the eclipse of your heart

total or partial

fry the chicken with the garlic

some people urge wok

i prefer a green pan

or cast iron deep dish

if you’ve got deep pockets

till just brown

add the spring onions

leave some for decoration when all is done

a teaspoon of sugar

two tablespoons of kecap manis

brand of your choice

or more tablespoons

as you wish

and terasi diluted in two tablespoons of hot water from your aqua dispenser

i just found out that all terasi comes from sidoarjo

at least on my carrefour’s shelves

add a bit of water

people say add water later but i don’t trust people

bring to simmer


set your timer to 30 minutes but don’t trust it

keep checking and turn the chicken over

try to prevent the skin from getting stuck to the bottom of the pan

use metal spatula

wooden ones will break the skin and flesh

you don’t want to break skin or flesh

maybe check every seven minutes

not too often so you don’t lose heat every time you take off the cover

but that depends on how anal you are

everything depends on how anal you are

things will caramelize nicely when you play nice

like everything in life

when you play nice

take the chicken out of the wok/green pan/cast iron dish you anglophile

put them on a nice plate

your everyday best

don’t lose any of the juice

sprinkle with the leftover spring onions

tuck in

with your hand

and lukewarm white rice

which you should have prepped beforehand

like everything else in life

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