half an e at 8.30 and off we went
to a wooden birdcage

men half-raise whisky glasses to someone elses’ faces

so bright!

another half at 10
we can’t afford lulls

in the eternal search for fun

the things we look forward (to hate):

the inevitable midnite fashion show on top of squeaky clean bar tables
no amount of make-up can wipe out the frightened smiles on the models’ emaciated faces

their masks of gay abandon

turn off the bright lights
put on leif erikson!

“i am balan
i have come from chennai
to a magical place where dragons fly
(so i’ve heard)”

i am so sorry to have disappointed you

let’s go home and stick our heads in the air-con

yer hands are cold
mine are pins & needles

time for an eccy scratch

yer back or mine                                        O GREAT FUN

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