Ode to an Esmod graduate

O my brilliant Esmod graduate!

Intimidate me with yer knowledge of crushed velour!

Of dandyism that begins at the waistcoat and never ends at the spats!

I envy yer débutante graduate show!

Yer interplanetary glitter!

Yer second-hand, much-loved, half-baked

Idée fixes

Of glam


I envy yer year at Central St Martins!

Yer 3-month residency at Marc Jacob’s brie-smelling workshop

Next to that patisserie tunisienne in the 20ème arrondissement!

Yer too many cigarettes and shared jug of citron presse at La Rotonde

With that adorable


Graduate from Esmod Windhoek

Sunny Namibia!

O my beloved Esmod graduate!

You of the high cheek-bone and strong jaw-line!

Make room for a piece of me

In yer slashed, vintage, stylist’s own

Physician’s bag!

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