Raumanen Launch

Start: Jun 21, ’06 4:00p
End: Jun 21, ’06 6:00p
Location: QB Sunda

Your SMP Bahasa Indonesia teacher might’ve told you about it. Your SMA teacher might’ve wept over it. Your university lecturer might’ve asked you to go to PDS HB Jassin to find the only copy of it left and write a paper about it.

And the evil Samudra Buku man at the Jakarta Book Fair tried to charge you 200,000 rupes for a watermarked, mouldy copy of it with the cover missing.

No more!

You can now buy a copy of Raumanen, the classic ’70s novel by Marianne Katoppo, at all the QB stores and most Gramedias for only Rp 29,500. Lovingly repackaged and rereleased by metafor publishing.

And on Wednesday (today) at QB Sunda from 4-6 pm you can meet the author, get your copies of the book signed, ask her where has Raumanen gone missing all this time, whatever has been bugging you about this mysterious, hard-to-find (until now!) book.

All for free! (except the books, you have to buy them)

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