i saw a flower today.

it was white

the only white thing

amongst a batallion

of thick green leaves

like bamboo spokes

poking out of the earth

like cannons.

it had six long filaments

(i counted them)

hanging down its floral axis

like old chinamen’s moustaches

like the ghost orchid in adaptation

except this flower

was no ghost.

it was there

(i saw it)

under the pulomas highway

tiny black dots of grime on its white petals

like dead stars

unlike anything else

i saw today.

3 thoughts on “flowerz

  1. the one thing that is different, always manages to stir something inside. but when the time comes, they who once showed interests, in the end, leave.or perhaps i’m just being bitter.


  2. well, flowers die. and they always look like they know they’re going to die, soon. they always look sulky to me, like they much prefer being left alone to enjoy the brief life they have.


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