I Walk Amongst Them

Chairil Anwar


I walk amongst them

They who cornered me
Into a face/off
On the side of the street.
I see the world through
Their eyes. I follow them
Through the crowd spitting their guts out.
The reality as they see it.
(The Capitol is playing
American flicks,
We dance
To all the top ten hits.)
We go home
Not a hair out of place
Though death
In all its guises
Is all around us.
We huddle at a stop
Wait for the City tram
Into the deep of the night.
I pray for those who read
My scribbles out of love.
I pray for syphilis
And leprosy (and
The simple matter
Of the atomic bomb).
This is the proof
Of our independence:
I open my arms
To the living:
Those who can see
The darkness I see
And the darkness
In me.

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