a disturbing, twisted work of absolute genius

consider the idea of what happens if you just go away and write. you may not have anything to say. a choice : to make our children safe in the world or to make the world safe for our children. the implications. in the context of today’s politics of oil : we are all implicated.Continue reading “a disturbing, twisted work of absolute genius”

Pejah gesang nderek sinuhun

At the grounds of the old palace bare-footed by order of the guards old and wrinkled like the trunks of sawo trees. Cold black sand imported two hundred years ago from 60 miles west the old burnt palace better luck next time. His heels pressed hard on the sand. The sand refused to give in.Continue reading “Pejah gesang nderek sinuhun”

—at the sentence level

u tried to hit me in the balls and missed i called u a dog becoz i felt like one she secretly hoped at least one of her pupils would put in death be not proud in their anthologies of life-changing poems of my life and no one did and she wondered if then there’sContinue reading “—at the sentence level”

parc si crap is crap si parc

2nite: it’s Anytown, IndierockOrientals of the world, unite!Pins on lapelsCheap beers «best served with friends»Firman haircutsNeatHair washed, teased, blow dried, hair-sticked, hair-sprayedSenen Garfield tee on Jimi Danger, 4st 7lbsSleeves rolled-up«Ils sont Les Jadugars»Casio Exilims’ flashPassing joints at the barGenerous Absolut in the cranberryA couple kissing at the barOpen microphonesA couple kissing at the barDavTar hidingContinue reading “parc si crap is crap si parc”

“often we pay homage to appropriate moral sentiments while our real feelings drift elsewhere.”

then what do you remember? the uncut elephant grass in your backyard? how it made you see green when i let you fondle my breasts? white as winter. “they’re so white they’re blue,” you said. or maybe it was someone else who said. when it comes to memories mammaries things are as slippery as, you’veContinue reading ““often we pay homage to appropriate moral sentiments while our real feelings drift elsewhere.””