de natura hominis

i love nature though i nearly drowned in it once new year’s eve 1993 bondi beach i wished i could’ve just stayed floating in the warm seawater all night that night like a forgotten lifebuoy instead of standing with a wet towel on my neck at the abandoned bus stop watching girls kissing strangers andContinue reading “de natura hominis”


under the fly-over: a policeman sits cross-legged on a thin bench balanced by two boys playing cards at the other end. sometimes, patience is just a game you play while you wait. and wait. then the black river starts. little ships of plastic aqua glasses float fast—all the captains had jumped the lifeboats—on its surface.Continue reading “Strikethrough”

there’s a hole in the sky and it keeps getting bigger

it’s like this: outside drizzle pavement a family of seasonal scavengers lebaran aqua glasses a balita girl in a peasant dress a conduit for the electricity of the earth a brown plastic makeshift roof the cart the traffic a sick-looking grey tree the storm

Ideas for Life

i stop. break the soft stem of the red flowers hanging over the toll road fence. red looks good on grey. i drink the juice that drips from the petals. my hand grey from the dust around the stem. i move on. gondoks grow like gothic ruffles on the swamp. children fish with thin bambooContinue reading “Ideas for Life”