casa de yarra

i scrubbed two years clean

off the wastafel

the toilet seat

the shower curtains

the bathroom mirror

flecked with toothpaste

smudged with

my fingerprints

from trying to clean it

i ran wet wipes

on the window sill

picked black lints

with bare fingers

shook curtains

with verve

what’s left from life

let billions of dust specks

go up my nostrils

hit me

with your best shot

i remember

ages ago

a landlord admonished me

why is there still dust

on the window sill?

and she ran a finger along it

then looked deep

into the tip

meditationes de prima

mr clean

i don’t want admonition

i ran my hands

along the top

of cupboards

bedside drawers

the tv hung on the wall

i wiped em clean

on my real mccoy

cargo shorts

“papa kenapa

masih bersih-bersih?”

“nggak papa nak

kasian nanti kan

orang baru yang nempatin”

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