let me please break down says the muzak the cockerel the bowls the green the beans the chicken porridge the plate the brie enjoy nothing regret nothing

chop chop chop the livers the gizzards the hearts the lungs chop chop chop the days the weeks hyperloop the years

the sun adamantine the deli adamantine the central bank adamantine the son the holy ghost atnas aisereht adamantine

it wasn’t a bee meeting i went to it was a wake why am i not cold blood sweat blood can you see my nipples under my tee shirt tee hee hee

chop chop chop the sun the bee the cold the sweat blood sweat can you hear the muzak under my tee shirt

it wasn’t the cockerel i ate from it wasn’t the green bean soup was it the chicken porridge was it you my love adamantine

the head can flake can ripple can lie did it ever occur to you the floor was icy cold did it ever occur to you the morning the cars the smell of exhaust smoke under my armpits

friday is the vilest day of the week inhale the rotten banana leaves exhale margarined pancakes does this touch you the smell of burnt meats

the son the sun the central deli adamant this is the cruelest deal of the year let me ripple lie break the head icy cold no

khob khun ka apa itu papa i want to watch kubo in the dark the witches are scary they’re going to take my soul why papa

the eyes the eye the one eyed monsters everything feels as if underwater the bar flap the tanker the street named after a bird kucluk kucluk kucluk

stay awake the economy loves you pak sumo nggak dateng nih nak how many ayams did you see them their feathers icy white

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