canto cxviii (i forget the most important things)

#15, jakarta


in medias what res ?

‘i am happiest when i follow
how things sound.’ —

im startin to get
patterns tics repetitions
the ferris wheeloff yr mindi get
you cherry
i get
you lil raccoon
of my hearth

in 1876 Rimbaud set sail for Java
in August Batavia
flayed his boots along Molenvliet
jogged along Weltevreden
on the Kwitang Bridge:
Jules et Jacques debated the latest fashion in womens hats

Rue de la Paix

The Opéra were in their last run of (do more research)

Do you read
these things
lil raccoon
of my hearth ?

a lil bit of Marjorie
a dash of Hugh
a decade of pattern-makingin early Dec. R. got the first merchant ship out
you know whyNO-ONE cd hack the south bound procession of Casteel Batavia

Imagine me
w/out you

the gangrene has seeped into my crotch

c’est pour toi
let the bacchaeburn myrrh all nite long

KNOW what YOU want to DO

i wanna paint the sky-wide cloud
the red of yr labia (PANTONE do more research)

i want to be Catherine the Great
trail my train across the blood-red snow

No one misses you
‘cept Remus
one teat less to suck
(sure youve put that
into consideration)

Regardez toi!
thats what I tell myself
(not to do)Ive never ever tried to write Paradise
Oublié moi!In 1928 a bunch of louts descended into
the capital and decided on a lingua
franca strange

Something simple and malleable
for the (forget—do more research) grammata
common market-man Malay!

no c no j no v no x no u no you

’tis hopeless when I try to write Paradiso
like you me the rest of this
cunt tree

in 1945 a couple of louts in muslin declared
independence in real time and a mangy dog walked across the first

Someone wore a suit bespoked out of old curtains
a jodhpurs cut off above the knees

Do you know the mythologoi simulacra simulacrae simulacri of this
our belovéd
cunt tree

Lil raccoon of my hearth ?

Do ya read
me ?

In 1965 a river of blood
“     “     “  heads
“     “     “  body parts (random)
“     “     “  i dont give a fuck anymore its boringlacking the moral fibre
of the average persons brain[see lil raccoon of my heart im now sittin in a pizzeria somewhere at the back of my mind next to me the three Magi (Chinois) theyre debatin the eco-friendliness of screen printin vs digital the image of choice wd be the standard portraits of Bung dan Bing Soekarno-Hatta]

Imagine that
lil big raccoon of my hearth !

in 2008 forget it
a rickshaw driver who was


in 1996 leaves still
traces in the sand


Do ya read
moi ?

My heart broke when I saw yr last
YM! status why do ya

in 2009 pretend a general election
will ignore primary results
and go str8 up the caucus

Oublié libre seduis-moi!

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