bayangan memudar

forget, ya forget

late afternoons on the verandah

yr gedong besaran in salemba

au bon pain from yr favourite boulangerie alsatienne

passer baroe

see how the leather

the backseat of your sado

is peeling

like a thousand sails

forget everything

the proper spelling

the long letters you’ve been writing

the clipped, proper, eton v. harrow english

yr boyfriend back at home away from home in den haag


think about the future of this broad avenue


75 years after the dissolution of yr volksraad

a couple of pribumis will walk along the crowded corner at its end


looking for an ancient ice cream parlour they’ve read so often in history books

find it closed for business


the heat of late kemarau!

the pink paint on its wall

the colour of washed out blood.

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