force quit

“my friend is moving into this place” “i like this place!” (steering car) “i don’t” “it’s just so grey.” “don’t you like the baseball diamond?” “the corners are missing. wabi-sabi.” (stopping car) “i like it i guess.” “you…” (kissing passionately for two minutes. your lips felt hot. our teeth reconnoitred.) “why didn’t you tell me?”Continue reading “force quit”


7 up series – bbc doco visiting a bunch of people from different background/class every seven years since they were seven. udah sampai 49 up. 400 blows – if you copy balzac, do you copy balzac? a clockwork orange – the milk bar is the model (dicontek kaleee) for blur’s the universal video. an american inContinue reading “torrents*”