office de tourisme

di kemang aku berjalan jalan di piazza del duomo melempar pisang bakar kena baling baling kincir angin di den haag berlari lari mengitari place de la concorde isirahat sebentar di bawah tur efel berpikir tak terlalu lama tentang hidupku yang dhedhel dhuwel seperti luxor sebelum melanjutkan perjalanan terseok seok ke zagreb

pre-war soaking/iron hearts

soak hearts in boiling hot water no need to turn hearts inside out smear obenauf lp all over hearts before soaking to prevent cracking hang-dry hearts on a clear morning do not tumble dry hearts unless you want creases in unwanted places wear hearts when wet to jumpstart evolution hearts are never ready to wearContinue reading “pre-war soaking/iron hearts”

gadis winnipeg*

i deliberately bought a return ticket to the pages of a novel you once bought me. i could still see the historical digs of the Story of Us inside those pages, neatly laid out in a conservation site, as if the corrupt regional governments of my country will never run out of foreign funding. inContinue reading “gadis winnipeg*”

le petit standard bourgeois gentilhomme (reprise)

i read all 454 pages on the superfuture sugar cane thread to get the best fit for my 1947 i will stay true to size for fear of recriminations from darahkubiru masters sizedown 2 for instant ridicule understand too that i had gone through hell to get the perfect multivar for my vespa s125ie andContinue reading “le petit standard bourgeois gentilhomme (reprise)”


this is a sort of a reply to you period aku ingin berjalan malam-malam denganmu comma menghitung tiap cobbled stone dengan detakan jantungku period aku akan membelikanmu poppy seed bagel di sebuah toko kelontong yahudi di le marais comma mari mulai lagi period mungkin kau ingin mengunjungi le pure café comma tempat ethan hawke danContinue reading “heartbeats”

le village du chien

saya setuju sama sekali dengan review dogville @lolipopsuper. terutama bagian life sebagai a series of reward-and-punishments, exchanges, barters, give-and-takes, you give, i take, and take, and take, and take, and take, ad infinitum. saya hanya ingin menambahkan bahwa grand narasyong moral lars von ngefet di dogville adalah bagian dari trilogi kotbahnya tentang cinta. dogville adalahContinue reading “le village du chien”