Chapel Hill

stuck a pin in yer back bone!
but chapell hill hasn’t got its own passaic
its spine a spine-tingling web of fronts running thru shop-windows
caribbean curry & parota shops, pawnshops selling prototypes of shark burgers
pickled, shredded, chili-ed hengstenberg rotessa apfelrotkohl
there’s always something sweet in bitterness
try an earthen-jarred kimchi buried six feet under in the north korean border!
you want a range life?
summer babes do handstands on joburg beaches’ open bar tops
piña coladas spiked with antiseptic hand soap
you’re crazed!
safari now, settle down never
the green hills of africa has gone panic-stricken
a lone olive tree stands at the pink edge of a mozambique desert
projet pour la protection des animaux sauvages?
les hommes you mean?
« Tsvangirai withdraws his party from election saying to continue would cost supporters’ lives »
gokil, that’s what i mean,
at uc san diego you study films and get your fix for indonesian ’80s horror flicks’ from mondo macabro
lady terminator v. jaka sembung bawa golok gak nyambung
you’ve seen them? how did you stop yer heart from stop-beating?
stop beating, stop breathin’! breath in for me, now!
cut yer hair and get a job
pretend you never go to graduate school
let alone harvard
i’m bored at lamont and everywhere else
or all souls
coz white men got no soul
that’s how we got UB40
ah, the glory of early mid-’90s american indie!
it ran thru the moving walkways off my mind!
it’s just a possibility
all i ever wanted was to be yer spine

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