i went to plaza semanggi yesterday, walked around, gramedia, a&w, sox gallery, woku, oh la la for an overpriced aqua, that tiny magazine stand in the corner, then i started thinking, oh my god, (and i still don’t believe in god, i’ll have you know, not for anything, i just can’t be bothered devising an apologia for a half-arsed agnosticism), and i almost can’t believe it, (you’d better believe it, buddy !), i was actually extremely happy for long stretches of our doomed relationship.


it’s raining. again. i like it when it rains. or maybe i don’t. it’s nice, how the water slushes away all the dirt, rotting banana leaves, indomie wrappers, swallow sandals, off the streets and into the gutters. except there are no gutters, so they’re all on the streets. i’m in ciledug and i have toContinue reading “gutted”

crazy for jalan ciledug raya (but not that crazy)

it’s night. and i’m listening to magnetic fields’ 69 love songs vol. 2. tonight there was a mysterious body of water on the road in front of pasar cipulir. looked like an oil spill. or jeremy thomas’ hair. not much traffic on ciledug raya. the formula goes (commuting, going home):  5-7, better stay at plazaContinue reading “crazy for jalan ciledug raya (but not that crazy)”

jakartah kumuh tercintah

on a cloudy like like today i always think of this bit from a sitor situmorang poem: jakarta kumuh tercinta can’t remember which poem, but that’s the whole stanza. he being mr. coy modernist and all. where did you hide pound’s personae, eh? i can see it bulging out of yer shirt pocket! (it’s ‘belovedContinue reading “jakartah kumuh tercintah”

jakarta: a(n) history*

two dutch officers on top of a makeshift watchtower barefooted common soldiers kicking imaginary tumbleweeds sweaty accountants in counting houses, bamboo fans, greasy watch chains a javanese general shooting seven hundred of his own soldiers in the head (he took off his blangkon before he shot the first one) the dutch officers looking on withContinue reading “jakarta: a(n) history*”