The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock*

S’io percaya bahwa jawaban saya adalah Seseorang yang tidak pernah kembali ke dunia, Tanpa api ini lebih stara shock. Perciocche tetapi dana ini tidak pernah Non torno vivo no, s’i’odo kebenaran, Tanpa takut akan keburukan saya terbaik Anda. Let kemudian kita pergi, Anda dan saya, Ketika malam adalah menyebar terhadap langit Seperti seorang pasien etherisedContinue reading “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock*”

Tuti Artic (Google Translate version 1)

Between now and later happy canyon agape, Adikku a lick ice artic delicacy; Cintaku you this afternoon, with kuhiasi susu + coca cola Isteriku in practice: we stop berdetik hours. You’re smart bercium correct, there are scratches live feel – When we are cycling kuantar you go home — Hot blood, you really made theContinue reading “Tuti Artic (Google Translate version 1)”

a disturbing, twisted work of absolute genius

consider the idea of what happens if you just go away and write. you may not have anything to say. a choice : to make our children safe in the world or to make the world safe for our children. the implications. in the context of today‚Äôs politics of oil : we are all implicated.Continue reading “a disturbing, twisted work of absolute genius”

bulu babi di selangkanganmu

blue water like cheap mints. sun = a hot wok. soft hair on your thighs. a hand running over them. hot hot hot out here. the heat heat heat on your ipod. the peace and quiet you’re looking for is down there. under the water rippling = a giant earth-sized rippled potato chip. stick yourContinue reading “bulu babi di selangkanganmu”

Pejah gesang nderek sinuhun

At the grounds of the old palace bare-footed by order of the guards old and wrinkled like the trunks of sawo trees. Cold black sand imported two hundred years ago from 60 miles west the old burnt palace better luck next time. His heels pressed hard on the sand. The sand refused to give in.Continue reading “Pejah gesang nderek sinuhun”