Aphrodite, penis // nothing can come between us (version 2)

Xcpt 4

Giant insurer

Against greed


Against speed

I’m having lotsa

Hedging fun !

“The ent-

ire worl-

d we live in i-

s fabric-


—Guillermo del Toro, in a

[refabricated] interview

with Terry Gross

Gross indeed


To a fault

To a vault

In the attick

And I’ll dig a tunnel

From my Windows XP

To your Leopard

Never been to Borstal !

Why don’t I just stop


I got my philosophy:

No feet on the ground !

I am sick of

Using exclamation marks

To wake myself up.

It is comforting

To think of

A nebula ball resting

In a fantasy claw.

Strange magic.

Where has the ‘70s

Put me ?

Said an eviction letter

From an occupant.

“Where all sensations go”

Has the word sensation in it

–that’s the problem.

And now it’s We Are Nowhere


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