Pintu Terlarang

Rating: ★★★★ Category: Movies Genre: Cult Joko Anwar Gala premiere Studio XXI – EX Jakarta 20 Januari 2009 21:25 never have i seen so many poseurs gathered in the one place since parc circa 2004   pintu terlarang mulai sebagai cerita pesugihan klasik: gambir seorang pematung kolekdol superlaris langganan kokohkokoh penikmat seni yang jadi terkenalContinue reading “Pintu Terlarang”

Learning to Love Below or Go Back

i was reading frank o’hara’s lunch poems i was trying to go to sleep i was thinking how did he get the lines to sound so hurried maybe he was hurrying when he wrote them i read stories about how he stormed into stationery stores and quickly wrote his head on unoccupied typewriters —wrote hisContinue reading “Learning to Love Below or Go Back”

Layman Atlanta

and then went down to the zeus and then a room on fire and then under the bushes under the stars and then please approve comments otherwise yer readomattic will show panty lines-like and then odysseus got tired of the underworld and bought a manicotti at a jersey bakery. didn’t even look back once andContinue reading “Layman Atlanta”