Sodom and Gomorrah

God neck deep in tax files election news profit shares the new neighbour asking for clean water. An all-night ball ribbons everywhere a trumpet screams a pale face, sleepy, I can’t see my ashtray from the smoke did someone knock on the door? You? Yippeee!! Rock-rock-rock. The hour hand points at three. Subagio Sastrowardojo (FromContinue reading “Sodom and Gomorrah”

The Distance Between You & Me

Our father who art in heaven, let’s not move closer, you and I, I’ve lost you on the white horizons. Or is it that the black forest has blinded me. I’m only happy when birds sing on branches and deep in the valley, a Kliwon market hums for me. I know I can only hearContinue reading “The Distance Between You & Me”

One Afternoon Before the War

for Hans & Joosye Ah! I see what you’ve got in your hands an afternoon in the world of LAN a sealed blue radio (The night returns for an encore inside a tomb.) Pray for finesse, on the branch of the arborio strip it, sing it, fake it come, wing it, into the river! NoteContinue reading “One Afternoon Before the War”

Keluhan Li Po

KELUHAN TANGGA KUMALA (versi David Hinton) Malam panjang di tangga kumala, embun putih menembus kaus kaki tipis. Mengurai tirai kristal, melihat ke balik untaian permata menatap bulan musim gugur. KELUHAN TANGGA PERMATA (versi Ezra Pound) Tangga kumala putih berembun Malam begitu larut, kaus kakiku basah kuyup Kugerai tirai kristal Kutatap bulan di malam cerah musimContinue reading “Keluhan Li Po”