The Paris Review man came carrying an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder, the WS-320M. That’s the one that’s also a USB dongle, you press the Release button on its back and the battery will detach like a used launch rocket from a spaceship and reveal the rectangular USB plug with the two square holes on itContinue reading “THE ART OF FICTION NO. 69 LO!”

It’s Cool Under the Highway

Under the T-shaped Sosrobahu pillars Grey now brown like the skin Of people taking shelter under it. A worker in his YMCA helmet his Girlfriend sits cross-legged Under a giant Samsung DigitAll Temptation poster. AllDigit Temptation! Two workers sleep cross Arms under heads for pillows Their white helmets Like two bleached tortoise shells Covering theirContinue reading “It’s Cool Under the Highway”

Them Analyses

Experienced researchers provide additional analysis “etic” in nature make use of established theoretical frameworks for interpreting anthropological sociological social- psychological data & tell the story from the point of view of the contemporary consumers to provide a smorgasbord of additional insights “emic” in nature. the words are theirs, the poetry mine