"Praise be to God, and to you too."

I know, you must be sick of me. I’m sorry. I don’t want to do this either. Who would? But I need the money to pay for my school fees, my brothers’, books for my sister, ribbons for her hair. My parents are not rich, not like yours. But I have hopes too, dreams, plansContinue reading “"Praise be to God, and to you too."”

1945, February 14

*Supriyadi led the PETA rebellion in Blitar He saw how the Japanese forced farmers to hand over all the rice they had, even though they were running out of food, down to sewing tree barks into clothes, dying as romusyas, etc. He hated the Japanese so much he decided to go ahead with his rebellion.Continue reading “1945, February 14”


Waktu itu rambutku masih dipotong batok Aku bermain dekat gerbang, aku cabuti bunga-bunga. Kau datang di atas ├ęgrang, seperti kuda goyang, Berputar-putar, mengayun serangkai plum biru di tangan. Umurku empat belas tahun waktu kau memilihku jadi istrimu, Sekalipun aku tak pernah tersenyum. Aku menunduk, menatap tembok, Kau memanggilku seribu kali, aku tak pernah menengok. UmurContinue reading “SURAT SEORANG ISTRI PEDAGANG KELILING DARI DESA CH’ANG KAN”


If I want to get out of this country, Sis, it’s because the air here is stuffed with dead thoughts. Nothing’s changed, just like back then at the kampung. People are busy setting up rules for alley traffics night patrols and registrations at the kemantren. Everyone wants to have his say on morals, politics, religionsContinue reading “Kampung”

The Story Of An Old Man Who Died This Morning As Told By A Friend Who Said He Will Be A Poet One Day

This is sad. An old man at the intersection, dead, next to the traffic lights. His belly, concave like glasses for the near-sighted. A fly, knee deep in sores full of pus, electric yellow like the colours of the prostitutes’ clothes. I’m standing next to him. And I’m thinking. Am I going to end upContinue reading “The Story Of An Old Man Who Died This Morning As Told By A Friend Who Said He Will Be A Poet One Day”

Bukit Timur (1083)

Hujan mencuci Bukit Timur, bulan bersinar terang; Tadi orang kantoran bergegas, sekarang petani melenggang. Untuk apa khawatir tentang bongkah batu di pinggir jalan? Aku pukul dengan tongkatku, aku suka suaranya menggema. (Su Tung-p’o, dari Selected Poems of Su Tung-p’o, terjemahan Burton Watson, Copper Canyon Press 1994, hal. 104)