two lovers entwined, pass me bye bye bye

the world stops in the heart of the city a queen big ideas throbbing in her teased quiff an ex-first lady in a wheelchair her words fly above the head of the crowd a celebrity activist her hair wet from patchouli and sweat of 11 a.m. her left leg limping from a kick right inContinue reading “two lovers entwined, pass me bye bye bye”

Jakarta: Night

Sitor Situmorang   At the corner of Kebon Sirih and Thamrin I stopped. And looked up at the neon lights blinking on rooftops. Metropolis! I freeze under the streetlights. Beyond the traffic lights I think, therefore I am. This is Jakarta not Hong Kong or Lake Toba. I left all that on a boat oneContinue reading “Jakarta: Night”

north of batavia, south of heaven

i saw a lot of death. start at the coffee stall that sold breakfast of dark brown broth in a pan chicken necks yellow tumeric-y skeletons of fish all over rice. only the rice was alive steaming like the garbage dump next to us. the men ate quickly “drink! give me drink!” a man inContinue reading “north of batavia, south of heaven”

Digital Video Festival

Jimi Multhazam   We are back To the future West of Jakarta! Make a U-ee Before Fatahillah To Glodok Raya! The National Film Centre The Kingdom of Movie Heaven Hollywood, Bollywood Cannes, Tehran Let’s go crazy! Digital Video Festival We don’t wanna wait in line Please, no more extra butter On our overpriced popcorns GimmeContinue reading “Digital Video Festival”